Andy Hobday

28 February 2021

Peter des Roches, Bishop of Winchester

Peter Des Roches was a native of the Touraine in north-central France, Poitevin diplomat, soldier, and administrator who enjoyed a brilliant but checkered career, largely in […]
15 January 2021

Optional Rules and Ideas

With Kickstarter backers receiving a digital copy of the rules and a PDF copy available since the beginning of January 2021, The Barons’ War game has […]
10 December 2020

The Barons’ War: The Dark Ages?

Currently, we are in the process of putting the finishing touches to the Viking, Late Saxon and Norman force lists to be used with The Barons’ […]
24 November 2020

Welcome, Everyone!

Hello and welcome to WARHOST, a new website and blog from me, Andy Hobday, and George Asling. A new venture devoted to our community and its […]
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