28 February 2021

Peter des Roches, Bishop of Winchester

Peter Des Roches was a native of the Touraine in north-central France, Poitevin diplomat, soldier, and administrator who enjoyed a brilliant but checkered career, largely in […]
18 January 2021

Why Do Equipment Profiles Differ?

Having received this question a few times now I thought it would be a useful exercise to write a post explaining why equipment profiles differ across […]
15 January 2021

Optional Rules and Ideas

With Kickstarter backers receiving a digital copy of the rules and a PDF copy available since the beginning of January 2021, The Barons’ War game has […]
7 January 2021

The Road to Hastings – Normans, The Third of Three Early Middle Ages Forces

On the 28th of September, they came. England would never be the same again. With William’s claim to the English crown, he sailed across the channel […]
17 December 2020

The Road to Hastings – Vikings, The Second of Three Early Middle Ages Forces

Fearsome raiders or peaceful settlers, the Vikings have captured our imagination for generatrions. The countless tales and sagas of their deeds are captivating and now you […]
15 December 2020

The Road to Hastings – Late Saxons, The First of Three Early Middle Ages Forces

The dispute for the throne of England following the death of Edward the Confessor in 1066 is the perfect storm for us to introduce three new […]
10 December 2020

The Barons’ War: The Dark Ages?

Currently, we are in the process of putting the finishing touches to the Viking, Late Saxon and Norman force lists to be used with The Barons’ […]
6 December 2020

Creating a Group for The Barons’ War

Groups of Warriors are the building blocks for each Retinue, they can be large or small, inexperienced recruits or veterans of the battlefield. The choice really […]
24 November 2020

Mustering Your Retinue for War

When creating the Retinue List for The Baron’s War the key concept was choice. We wanted to offer you, the player, the ability to create really […]
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