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Commanders experience point cost.

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I am working on a couple of retinues, but I do wonder why the cost difference between the experience level of commanders is so small?

The point difference is so small that besides "fluff" reasons there is no reason to not take the veteran experience level for your commanders. For groups the small difference is fine, because you have to multiply it with the number of models. So this will have a real impact on your list. But for commanders it really doesn't have an impact.

I think that for commanders the experience levels should cost atleast 15 points per level instead of 3 - 4 points. So that a veteran Baron costs 70 points, a regular 55 and an irregular 40 points. This way it will cost you 30 points if you want to have 3+ to attack instead a 5+. 

Thinking more about it should be even higher. So that you think "hmm, I can make my Baron a veteran or should I instead take two extra crossbowmen".

What do you think? 



Topic starter Posted : 30/11/2020 9:03 pm
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