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Kieran Kirkham
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So to follow up the orignal reading list, this is a more early medieval reading list relating to 10th and 11th century Anglo-Saxon England and the conflict with Scandinavian forces who are out viking. it is by no means exhaustive but they are good start points. I will add that a couple on this list are very hard to come by as they are no longer in print or Academic based so the price can be steep but the vast majority are still in active print and not to expensive coming in between £15 to £25 

Viking Warfare 

ISBN : 9781848686908

The Late Anglo Saxon Army   

ISBN : 9780752431413


Norman Conquest

ISBN : 9780099537441


Anglo-Norman Warfare

ISBN : 9780851153285


1066- The year of three battles

ISBN : 9780712666725


The Struggle for Mastery

ISBN : 9780140148244


Lordship and Military obligation in Anglo saxon england

ISBN : 9780714105529


Alfred's wars

ISBN : 9781843837398


Anglo Saxons at war

ISBN : 9781848843691


Weapons and warfare in Anglo Saxon england

ISBN : 9780947816216


Sweyn Forkbeard invasion and Danish conquest of England 991-1017

ISBN : 9780851159287


I will finish off by saying that the first 5 books on the list will give any newbie to the early medieval period a good ground work to build on. 




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Thanks for sharing. Reading Norman Conquest at the moment and have just ordered Anglo-Norman Warfare after seeing the post on facebook.


Posted : 23/02/2021 4:48 pm
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