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Miles Christi
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I thought people might like to know that Naval and Military Press are having a crackerjack sale on a number of titles of interest to military historians and wargamers, and I have picked up two titles of particular interest for those painting and modelling medieval figures.

The Medieval Fighting Man: Costume and Equipment, 800–1500 is a great breakdown of the gear worn by warriors from the Viking period through the Wars of the Roses, based on contemporary illustration, experimental archaeology, and reenacting.  There are entries on sergeants, knights, and crossbowmen from the late twelfth and thirteenth centuries that will be a great help in thinking about how to paint your Barons' War models.  It is also currently 80% off, so a real steal at £2.99.

The Life of a Knight, 1171–1252: From Philippe Auguste to Saint Louis is similar, though more concentrated on the period of the Barons' War (albeit with a French focus).  It takes a narrative approach, following a fictitious knight from the late twelfth century through the mid-thirteenth, accompanied by lots of lovely photos of reenactors showing how clothing and equipment were worn.  It also includes images of medieval 'civilian dress', both of knights and of peasants, which may be helpful for thinking about the miniatures to be released with next week's Kickstarter.  It is translated from the French, and the language can be clunky in places, but it is nevertheless really useful as a pictorial reference.  The price is down 86%, at £4.99 (for a hardback!).

I hope these may be helpful!

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Topic starter Posted : 19/03/2021 9:59 am
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Thanks for the heads up.  

I also went for costume and equipment and added King Stephen and the Anarchy by Chris Peers for £5.99 (70% off)

Posted : 20/03/2021 7:48 am
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